New Developments in Miami Art Spaces

New Developments in Miami Art Spaces

October 18, 2019

by Megan Kincaid

Miami is a leading center for art in the United States. International artists have long flocked the city, drawing on its environment and geography as a source of inspiration. A rich confluence of diverse culture, vibrant architecture, and spectacular environments makes Hallendale and its surrounding neighborhoods a prime locale for the arts. In recognition of all South Florida has to offer, there has been a boom of institutional growth, with numerous new spaces for the display and production of art in recent years. While the museums anchor the art scene in South Florida, and the December art fairs are a major draw for both locals and the international art cognoscenti, residential developments are beginning to contribute to the arts.

At 2000 Ocean, a robust curatorial program will showcase contemporary art exhibitions and provide an innovative venue to fuel discussions around the visual world. An extensive library onsite will provide up-to-date scholarship focusing on art history, exhibitions, and contemporary art. Miami and its satellite neighborhoods is swiftly becoming the preeminent center of artistic development: 2000 Ocean is an active participant in that tidal change.

Each year, it seems, new art institutions are bringing more energy and culture to the area. Just this month, it was announced that a new art space called El Espacio 23 will launch ahead of Miami Art Week. Situated in a 28,000-square-foot warehouse on NW 23rd Street in the Allapattah district, the space will both house artwork from Jorge Peréz’s extensive private collection and contain three apartments for artist and curator residence programs. The project, which hinges as both a residence and venue for art exhibitions, shares a mission with 2000 Ocean. As art becomes more immersed with domestic living, both foment opportunity to showcase art amid the lived environment.