2000 Ocean is the result of a careful collaboration between the renowned architects of Taller de Enrique Norten (TEN) Arquitectos, landscape architects from Sasaki, the Italian interior designers of Minotti, Minotticucine and Boffi, who raise the level of luxury throughout the property. Collectively, their mission was to realize the vision of New York-based real estate developer KAR Properties, thereby setting a new standard for oceanfront living, designed to enhance the lives of its residents.

TEN Arquitectos

When Norten founded Taller de Enrique Norten TEN Arquitectos, it was an emerging firm in Mexico City, built on a belief that architecture is an inherent responsibility to the communities it serves. Over the course of 30 years, the firm worked to maintain this ethos, embracing Norten’s trademark pragmatism with modernist structures and clear-cut geometries.

Today, TEN Arquitectos boasts a portfolio of more than 60 landmark museums, libraries, public parks, residences, hotels, and universities in cities around the globe, each designed to improve urban living.

Ever humble, Norten is still searching to contribute to the greater good. In the slow strum of his native Spanish, he asks himself, “When does architecture become something really special? When it surprises you, or makes you understand more about yourself. When it gives you a reason to reflect upon your life, or on the world around you. How does that happen? There are infinite ways… ”


Sasaki was founded in 1953 by Hideo Sasaki, the landscape architect internationally renowned for blending bold architecture into wildly diverse geological systems. Based in Watertown, Massachusetts, the firm consists of the most sought-after landscape architects in the world. The Sasaki work philosophy is rooted in “collaboration in equilibrium.” The practice focuses equally on planning, landscape architecture, and interior design.

Isabel Zempel, principal designer of Sasaki, led the landscape design for 2000 Ocean. Her extensive portfolio includes plazas, public landscapes, and waterfront developments in the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. The founding principles of Hideo Sasaki—innovation, collaboration, and perpetual learning—blend with Zempel’s passion for the bold. This ethos is expressed in its purest form at 2000 Ocean where architecture and landscape live harmoniously, completely immersing the visitor in the natural surroundings.

Minotti was founded by Alberto Minotti in the 1948. The artisan-scale workshop grew quickly and, starting in the ‘60s, became more industrialized in character and size. The next phase of development fell to Renato and Roberto Minotti, who, after the premature death of their father in 1991, took over the reins of the business and began a process of growth and expansion into international markets.

Renato and Roberto Minotti are responsible for the corporate strategy and share the creative vision with architect Rodolfo Dordoni, who was appointed Art Director and coordinator of all company collections in 1998. Central to the Minotti identity is the full expression of the “Made in Italy” concept, which today permanently melds tradition and technology. The skills of artisan craftsmen are employed to finish a product created by modern technology; the intelligence of the hands balances industrial precision with sensitivity and emotion.

Added to this high degree of knowledge is intensive research into material and technological solutions that elevate the talent for impeccable details in a conceptual commitment to excellence, that involves every area of the company. Timeless design, unrivaled comfort, reliability and durability are easily-recognized style features of the Minotti collections – all of it proudly and honestly “Made in Italy”.

You’ll find David Harber’s award-winning artworks gracing some of the most prestigious addresses across the world – from public spaces to luxury developments, hotels to private gardens. His sculptures always react to and engage with the unique spaces they are commissioned for.

David is best known for his outdoor sculptures. 2000 Ocean commissioned a custom piece which you find as the centerpiece of 2000 Oceans outdoor gardens.

For over two decades, Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design has provided innovative design solutions internationally and domestically, with over 36 billion in designed properties worldwide. Led by award-winning principal Kobi Karp, the firm is a member of AIA and ASID, headquartered in Miami with branch studios in the Middle East.