"The beauty of designing, the beauty of thinking about a product, like for example the kitchen, is the beauty of an idea that has to go beyond its time."


— Piero Lissoni

Art Director, Boffi

Where innovation meets tradition

The story of Italian design is also a little history of the Boffi family. Under the wise direction of the three Ads Luigi Massoni, Antonio Citterio and Piero Lissoni, many designers participated thanks to their different background and knowledge.

Every Boffi collection hides an idea that strikes an emotion and seizes the senses

It was 1934 when Piero Boffi founded his company. Since then a lot has changed: social conventions, lifestyles and aesthetic sensibility, however in over 80 years Boffi and its activity could express the changes in taste and technologies, making it always synonymous with innovation and design worldwide.

Built in over 50 years of work, the prestige and credibility of the brand take off since 1980, helped by the communicative efficacy of sophisticated photographic catalogs and technical manual. The promotion of events from creative and cultural worlds reinforces Boffi’s identity: an example, the pioneering trend of leaving the fair during the Salone del Mobile in Milan to choose representative locations in the city. It is the beginning of a new phase which finds energy and inspiration in the artistic direction of Piero Lissoni.